The school day

The timings of our school day are below.

 8:50am  Children enter class
 8:55am       Gate is closed
 10:30am  Morning break
 10:45am   Class resumes
 12:00pm   Lunch for Key Stage 1 begins
 12:15pm     Lunch Key Stage 2 begins
 1:00pm  KS1 lunch ends
 1:10pm  KS1 lunch ends
 2:15pm  Afternoon break KS1
 2:30pm  KS1 class resumes
 3:10pm   School finishes for KS1
3:15pm   School finishes for KS2


Home Farm holds an ‘enhanced’ Healthy Schools award. At break, the children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to eat whilst out at play. They should not bring in sweets, crisps or chocolate bars.

The school participates in the Government’s fruit and vegetable scheme and every child in classes R, 1 and 2 is offered a piece of fruit or vegetable each day at break.

At lunchtime, the children may bring a packed lunch or choose to have a school meal.  Details of our school meals are here.