Welcome to Year 6 Kipling Class

Bawdsey Manor Residential visit

You can see some more photos from our residential visit here.

Thursday 21 October 2021

Our Ambush activity last night was great fun! It was basically group hide and seek in the woods- in the dark!

This morning, I have to admit, I took a little pleasure in knocking on the dorm doors and waking the children up instead of it being the other way round. The sea air and plenty of exercise is definitely wearing the children out but they continue to tackle all challenges with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Today, the drizzle and winds didn’t prevent us from enjoying a few more activities such as the challenge course; rock climbing; the giant swing and rifle shooting. The sun came out at lunchtime to warm us up. We had our last visit to the shop where we spent every last penny we had.

Tonight, we have Cluedo before we have to pack ready to head home in the morning. We depart after lunch tomorrow and should definitely be back to school by 3.30pm. Please make sure the children come back onto the school grounds before taking them home so we can dismiss them safely.

It has been an absolute pleasure spending this week with the children. They have been a real credit to the school and to you, their parents. Their manners have been exceptional. Grateful thanks go to the office staff for all the organisation that goes into this trip as well as to the other teachers who have accompanied the children and I on this visit- without whom, these residential trips would not be possible.

Get your washing machines ready!

Mrs Bell


Wednesday 20 October

Greetings from a damp Bawdsey Manor!  Well, we were spoilt yesterday with the good weather but sadly, our luck changed and this morning, we have braved the rain and drizzle.  Our activities today involved: zip wire, archery, trapeze and aeroball.  Tonight, we will have a class game of Ambush.  Some children have managed to write their postcards and these have been posted - a few are still being chased up and will hopefully be in the post tomorrow morning. (Although your child may make it home sooner than their postcard!) Our sweetie supplies are running low so the children were glad to have a chance to visit the on-site shop today to replenish their stashes!  Every child continues to flourish and we are amazed by their resilience, bravery, support of one another, courage and determination.

Tuesday 19 October

We have been blessed with glorious weather today! The children slept (reasonably) well, with the earliest risers waking us at 4.30am! After breakfast (which was amazing!) we headed off to our activities. We have seen the children really challenge themselves today as well as show tremendous support and encouragement for each other. We are now looking forward to our evening activity: Capture the Flag. Let’s hope they are so exhausted they sleep right through tonight!

Monday 18 October

We arrived safely on Monday afternoon and we quickly got to work finding our rooms and making ourselves at home.  Soon after, we went on a safety and fire walk before playing some team games.  By dinner time, we were all extremely hungry!  Dinner was amazing! We were surprised by the amount of choice and every plate was completely cleared- but not before finishing our chocolate cake or ice cream!

With full tummies, we went off to our evening activity: a campfire, where we sang songs and had fun relaxing around the fire pit.  Even the rain didn’t bother us!  By 8.30pm, we were back in our rooms, getting ready for bed. We had a chapter from our class reader, Goodnight,  Mr Tom, and it was lights out at 9.30pm.  

Tomorrow, we have a variety of activities to look forward to including abseiling, rifle shooting, buggy building and a sensory trail. 

Our homework is posted on Seesaw.  You can see instructions for using Seesaw here.

Learning about the Circulatory System

This term Year 6 have been learning about the circulatory system.  We made models of the blood.

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 

Year 6 provides a challenging final year in primary school for our eldest children aimed at preparing them for their transition to their chosen secondary school. Expectations are very high in all aspects of school life as the children are exemplar role models: setting the highest standard of behaviour, attitude, responsibility and academic ability for the rest of the school to follow.  

This year, we are able to once again embrace our tradition of a Buddy System whereby our Year 6 children will have the opportunity to spend time with their Reception buddies: sharing stories; playing games; and carrying out art and craft activities together, encouraging our youngest children to develop their reading, speaking and listening skills.   

House Captains have already been elected democratically, and our elected Year 6 children will be responsible for leading the houses and totalling weekly house points which have been awarded across the school.  

Learning at Home 

In Year 6, you can support your child by: 

  • Practicing and encouraging daily reading, helping your child to select text from a range of different genres and responding to their reading both orally and through meaningful written responses in their Reading Record books.  
  • Reading aloud to your child regularly to promote reading for pleasure as well as modelling intonation and expression.  
  • Keeping on top of times tables: knowing multiplication facts and related division facts up to and including 12 x 12.  as well as the inverse such as 121 ÷ 11 = 11  
  • Encouraging independence in tasks at home as well as preparing themselves for school each day including checking they have all the equipment they need.
  • Practicing the words on the statutory Year 5 and 6 spelling list which can be found in your child’s Reading Record book 
  • Helping them to recognise and recall square numbers as well as the first 10 prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29) 

You can find the Year 6 full curriculum map, showing you the topics we cover and when, on the school website. 


Weekly homework will be set on Fridays on Seesaw and will be due in the following Wednesday.  Please check over your child’s homework before uploading it.  


Kipling class will have PE on Wednesdays. PE kits are to be brought into school as we are once again able to change for PE lessons at school.  Information regarding hair and jewellery can be found by looking at the Uniform Policy on the school website. 


Mrs Bell  




In school we use a method to support our reading called DERIC, which stands for Decode, Explain, Retrieve, Interpret and Choice.

This term we have been reading the book Beetle Boy in DERIC lessons.  Here are some examples of our lesson slides used to get the children thinking about, and responding to, the text.