Welcome to Year 6 Kipling Class


Sports Day 2021

You can see Year 6 Sports Day photographs on the McGough class page


Our homework is posted on Seesaw.  You can see instructions for using Seesaw here.

Design and Technology - December 2020

Kipling class made cheese scones in DT.  We weighed and measured out ingredients; rubbed butter into flour with our fingers and formed a dough which was which was thick enough to cut out nice thick scones.  Once they were baked and cooled, we were allowed to try one in class.  The overall verdict was that they were very tasty!

Project Week - December 2020

Our Project Week in December focused on World War 2.  We created our own Anderson shelters, used our DT skills to sew a teddy bear, dug for victory in the school allotment, and dressed up as evacuees.


In school we use a method to support our reading called DERIC, which stands for Decode, Explain, Retrieve, Interpret and Choice.

This term we have been reading the book Beetle Boy in DERIC lessons.  Here are some examples of our lesson slides used to get the children thinking about, and responding to, the text.

Welcome to Year 6 

Year 6 provides a challenging final year in primary school for our eldest children aimed at preparing them for their transition to their chosen secondary school. Expectations are very high in all aspects of school life as the children are exemplar role models: setting the highest standard of behaviour, attitude, responsibility and academic ability for the rest of the school to follow.  

This year, we will endeavor to continue with our successful buddying plan, albeit in a socially distanced way. Our Year 6 children will have the opportunity to spend time with their Reception buddies: sharing stories; playing games; and carrying out art and craft activities together, encouraging our youngest children to develop their reading, speaking and listening skills.   

House Captains will be elected democratically, and our elected Year 6 children will be responsible for leading the houses and totalling weekly house points which have been awarded across the school.  

Learning at Home 

In Year 6, you can support your child by: 

  • Practicing and encouraging daily reading, helping your child to select text from a range of different genres and responding to their reading both orally and through meaningful written responses in their Reading Record books.  
  • Reading aloud to your child regularly to promote reading for pleasure as well as modelling intonation and expression.  
  • Keeping on top of times tables: knowing multiplication facts and related division facts up to and including 12 x 12.  as well as the inverse such as 121 ÷ 11 = 1 
  • Encouraging independence in tasks at home as well as preparing themselves for school each day including checking they have all the equipment they need 
  • Practicing the words on the statutory Year 5 and 6 spelling list which can be found in your child’s Reading Record book 
  • Helping them to recognise and recall square numbers as well as the first 10 prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29) 
    You can find our full curriculum map, showing you the topics we cover and when, on the school website. 


Weekly homework will be set on Fridays on Seesaw and will be due in the following Wednesday.  Please check over your child’s homework before uploading it.  


Kipling class will have PE on Mondays and McGough on Fridays. At this time, children will only need to change into suitable sports shoes for PE as well as removing the jumper or cardigan and tie.  Information regarding hair and jewellery can be found by looking at the Uniform Policy on the school website. 


Mrs Bell and Mr Lewis