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How to Catch a Star

Sofia has created her own version of the story How to Catch a Star.  We think it's fantastic - well done Sofia!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Today we have completed some jigsaws and we spent time looking at the different shapes to work out how they might connect.  

We made an obstacle course out of speed stacks on the playground and completed the course on the scooters. We talked about the course being harder the closer the stacks were to each other.  We timed ourselves to see if we could beat our score and then made some changes to the course to see if we could beat it further. 

We went on SeeSaw and Nessy to complete some learning activities and we watched Mr Holton's stream and played the quiz. 

Wednesday 1st April 

We started the day on the gym equipment outside and had a kick about with a football and the goals. We went inside to continue to play a couple of games, racing against each other to collect the balls and to turn the cups over.

We took a break to watch the YouTube channel and got a couple of shout outs from Mr Holton. After that we focused for a while on our own activities on SeeSaw and other learning platforms.

After lunch we got busy with the speed stacks, realising that they created some impressive towers! We also took part in some watercolouring and craft while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and listening to part of an audiobook of The Twits.

Thursday 2nd April

Practising keepy uppies!










Thursday 2nd April 2020

We've been watering the allotment to help it grow.









Wednesday 1st April

'Supertato!'  A story for you to listen to at home with Mrs Humpreys


Wednesday 1st April

Thomas has been making a triceratops!



Wednesday 1st April

Take a look at Joshua and Mia's HIIT Home Farm Challenge!  

Monday 30th March 2020

Today we had our second day of Mr Setford’s planting preparation. We’ve harvested leaf beet, kale and rocket but also planted lots of veggies to grow over the summer. Finley and Mr Setford also took the chance for a bit of woodworking to fix one of our raised beds too! A quiet but really fun day too!

Wednesday 1st April

'Whatever next!' A story for you to listen to at home with Mrs Humphreys





Wednesday 1st April

Tommy teaching us about dinosaurs!






Thursday 26th March

We had some fencing lessons in the playground, and we've been doing some DT, using tools to make moving vehicles and unicorn carriages!

More Dungeons and Dragons!

The KS2 group continued to take the fight to the goblins of Phlandelver! Klarg the goblin has been defeated!


Friday 27th March 2020

The end of a long week and the Home Farmers are ending the week listening to Mrs Humphreys remotely.


Tuesday 24th March - We've been practising our writing, and we played a game of outdoor bowls!


Wednesday 25th MarchWe had gym with Joe Wicks to start our day and then we had Hockey outside and a nature walk.

Thursday 26th March

Here's a story from Mrs Humphreys for you to share at home

Monday 23rd March 2020

We have 26 pupils in today and three teachers leading some fun and active learning.

We've been making the most of the sunshine today with Wayne Setford who has been working with the children to kick start our allotment back into shape ready for the growing season.  Maybe we’ll be in a position to provide small fruit and veg parcels to the community in Summer!  The children here definitely seem excited by it.

The children have been working with Mr Setford to plant some new hedging donated to use by Colchester Borough Council.  

Tuesday 24th March 2020

You can see some more coverage of our hedge planting on Youtube!











Tuesday 24th March - Dungeons and Dragons

The KS2 team took a trip to Phlandelver, getting lost in the forest and fighting off a horde of goblins. Of course, we're not talking an actual trip - we are socially distancing and responsible - but instead a quest using Dungeons and Dragons! Our trusty team included a sorcerer, a warlock, an elf and two humans, and they successfully infiltrated Klarg's lair and dealt with the beast. It was great to see the children get involved in roleplay (including voices and actions for their characters!) and you've never seen so much excitement over rolling a 20 on a dice before.