Welcome to Bloom Class (EYFS)

Tapestry Challenge

For their tapestry challenge this week the children were asked to practise getting dressed for the winter weather; hats, gloves, scarves, zips etc. Reuben and Harry created short films to show their dressing skills!

All about Bloom Class

Our teachers are Mrs Child and Mrs Noble and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Whiteman, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Amey.

Throughout the year we cover a range of topics making learning fun, stimulating and exciting.  We aim to promote children's independence and develop a thirst for knowledge.

The topics that we will cover this year are:

  • Autumn 1 - All About Me
  • Autumn 2 - Up In the Air
  • Spring 1 - Far, far away
  • Spring 2 - Watery Worlds
  • Summer 1 and 2 - The Great Outdoors.

PE Days 

PE days are Tuesday and Thursdays.  Please leave P.E. kits in school and we will return them during the half-term break for a wash!  Please remember to put labels in all your child's clothes including socks and shoes.  Please avoid earrings on P.E. days and tie up hair if it is longer than shoulder length.

Rewards and Certificates

All the children have been placed into school house teams:  Keats (Red); Shakespeare (Green); Shelley (Blue); Chaucer (purple) and Wordsworth (Yellow).  Your child's book wallet is the colour of the team your child is in.  Every week your child can win house points for their team.  Throughout the year, your child will also participate in inter-house competitions and events.  House points are awarded to the children for: following the school rules, displaying good manners and trying their best.

As well as team points, the children can earn special 'Green Cards'.  For every 10 cards they earn, your child will receive a special certificate in assembly.  The certificates they can earn are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and super platinum.  Children are awarded green cards for exceptional work and effort.

What can parents do? 

It is important that we work together to get the best out of your child.  If we work as a team, we can ensure that your child receives the best education they deserve. If you ever have any questions or queries please come and talk to us!  No question or query is too small or silly.

How to help your child at home

  • Enjoy books with your child, read to them and encourage your child to look for familiar sight words and phonemes in the text;
  • Role play writing - write shopping lists together, write silly recipes, cards and labels;
  • Practise letter sounds and sight words quickly and frequently - look for the words and letters all areound you.
  • Maths games - let your child handle money, lay the table out together, dice games and dominoes.  In Class R we use a resource called Numicon.  The Numicon website has some very useful resources and guidance for parents.

Please encourage your child but do not push them too hard. Remember that they work extremely hard all day at school.  I am sure your children will have a fantastic time in our reception class.  Our motto is: 'I will try my best and have fun'.


Supporting your child with phonics

At Home Farm we use a six-phase programme called 'Letters and Sounds' designed to help to teach children to read and spell with phonics.  

You can find more information and some practical help in this information leaflet.  


Below, you can also download copies of the phonic recognition cards, decodable words and tricky words that are taught in EYFS and Class 1 and recorded in the children's phonics books.

You can also find useful guidance on the Oxford Owl website.