Welcome to Carroll Class (Year 3)

 Download a copy of Carroll class homework here: Friday 5th July 2019

All about Year 3

Year 3 is a transition year as children move from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. It is the first of the junior years. The children need to become more independent in their learning.  The curriculum will be covered through a range of teaching strategies including cross-curricular and topic based projects.  The children have a large input into their learning and they lead the direction of topics.  

You can support your child at home by developing their daily reading and comprehension skills. This can be completed in a number of ways including focusing on your child’s understanding of a text, exploring a wide range of texts and commenting on their features and focusing on language use. Sharing the reading of a book will allow many to access books that they might be unable to read for themselves. Discussing your child’s understanding of what they have read independently of you is very important and is a big focus for year 3.

Practising times tables will reinforce your child’s numerical ability and will allow them to thrive in their learning environment. There is a reward scheme to act as a motivational tool in achievement of times table knowledge.

Spelling continues to be an area of focus for year 3, please encourage your children to participate in engaging and fun spelling activities, cloze activities, word searches, putting spellings into a sentence all make children consider the meaning of the word and explore relevant spelling patterns.

During year 3 we will explore a wide range of themes.  These include:

  • In the autumn term, our focus will be Time Travellers, and the children will be learning all about the Stone Age all the way through to the coming of the Romans, how this fits with the history of the world, and the effect and legacy in our local area. 
  • The spring term focus is Extreme Earth.  We will be exploring the physical world we live in, and learning about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and other natural disasters.
  • In the summer term we will be learning about how we are ‘Keen to be Green,’ the children will be taking a journey through the Rainforest. They will be investigating how we can help the Rainforest and our planet by learning to: REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE.

Homework will be set weekly.  It is posted here on the Caroll class page of the website each week.  The tasks will involve calculations involving the four operations, skills practise of spellings and recent maths learning.


Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Palmer