Welcome to the Home Farm School Association

Welcome to your HFSA!


The Home Farm School Association is a parent-run committee and all school families are part of the HFSA whilst their children are at Home Farm.

We play a huge part in the school community helping to raise funds throughout the year, to buy equipment for the school and help with events, whilst providing fun and enjoyable social activities for the children.

Committee members

Each year a management committee is voted in and this year your committee members are:

  • Co-Chair - Nikki Whiteford
  • Co-Chair - Anna Lambert
  • Vice Chair - Michelle King
  • Treasurer - Ella Havell
  • Co-Secretary - Jenny Simpson
  • Co-Secretary - Victoria Vingerhoets


Committee Members:

  • Patricia Dothie
  • Suzanne Jarman
  • Jo Button
  • Lindsey Grogan
  • Francesca Murrells
  • Louise Wilson                 
  • Rebecca Seymour
  • Vicky Pont
  • Robin Greatorex
  • Emma Lamond
  • Simone Lamond
  • John Havell
  • Florence Lazos
  • Sadie White
  • Sarah Hayton
  • Natalie Albu
  • Natalie Britt
  • Janine Eckelt
  • Jo Gamble
  • Stuart Edgar
  • Mary Pullen Deacon
  • Holly Humm
  • Jo Clark


Our committee meetings are held at the beginning of each half term and all parents are invited to attend. The next AGM will be held in September 2020 where the new committee will be voted in.

Come along and join in the planning for our future fundraising events, we look forward to meeting you!