School Council


What is our School Council?

Home Farm Primary School has a School Council which provides a forum for pupil voice. The Council meets on a weekly basis and at the first meeting elect a chair, secretary and treasurer from within the committee of two children elected by each class.

What does the School Council do?

The class reps. report back to their classes after each meeting and bring to the council any matters to be discussed. These could be to do with school meals, play times etc.

The members of school council have been involved in all of the staff appointments over the past few years. Some interviewees find this part of the day daunting but others say it is very enjoyable. We have never had a child who has not wanted to be part of the process!

Inter-school collaboration

Each term four children from the Home Farm School Council meet up with School Council members from 16 other Colchester schools to discuss consortia issues.

Notes of our meetings

Our School Council members keep their own notes of the things they discuss and the decisions they make.  You can read notes of the meetings below.

14th November 2019

21st November 2019

9th January 2020

16th January 2020

6th February 2020

13th February 2020

5th March 2020

8th October 2020

5th November 2020

9th December 2020

22 January 2021

29 January 2021

12 February 2021

26th February 2021

18 March 2021

16 April 2021

29 April 2021

School Council letter to Governors - March 2021