As part of our Computing curriculum, our Year 5 children have been learning about robotics.  In June 2017, some of the class took part with other local schools in a robotics challenge using Lego Wedo.

Nathan—Yesterday I learnt how to build a wedo robot. I enjoyed controlling the robot and making it.  I controlled the robot over the sticks and dirt.  We came last.  I also learnt how to programme the robot.  Also I learnt that different wheels can do different events easier.

Erin—We did different obstacles and made friends with different schools.  We learnt how to programme the robot and get it through a maze.

Aimee - We were competing doing different obstacles, and we did the competition with three other schools.  We learnt new programming and persevered through the obstacles, and got through a turn, which we didn’t think we would be able to do

Marcus - We tinkered with our robot to check it was working then we tried to programme our car to go one metre, then we drove our car over very bumpy terrain then we did a timed lap of a maze and then we wild a flat out race over three metres.  We lost the competition but at least we took part.  We learnt that different wheels are better at different tasks.

Emily—when we did the robot car competition we had to make the robot move exactly a metre.  We had to make it go through sand, sticks and pom poms.  We also had to make it go through a maze with obstacles that we weren’t allowed to touch or we would lose a point.  (We came last).  I learnt that bigger wheels are better for going over things and how to make the car move a certain distance and how hard it is to program robots.


Lego Wedo Robotics