Digital Leaders

 Home Farm has created a job role for children in Computing Classes; we’ve called them Digital Leaders. By the time they reach Year 6, our children need to be able to program an app, animate images, code a computer game and develop basic robotics.  Over the last two years, we have trained groups of children in Key  Stage 2 who support other members of their classes alongside the class teacher as well as helping out in computing sessions with Mr Potter to help other pupils to learn the coding basics.

The new Digital Leaders have learned to: animate image, control those images using mouse and keyboard, program simple computer games on screen and make algorithms (programs) to control sounds and scores. They then moved onto robotics! Using Lego Wedo, the pupils have started to explore building code that controls motors, lights, sensors and making models that can be controlled via the computer. By working together, our pupils are really having an amazing amount of success in programming!