Head Boy and Head Girl

Each year, our Year 5 pupils who aspire to be Head Boy and Girl write speeches and submit them. This year, we had 22 entries: 7 boys and 15 girls. The speeches are read out by Mr Potter and the whole school has the chance to vote for their winning candidate.  This year, our Head Boy is Morgan Gillett, and our  Head Girl is Fai Morgan.  You can read  their speeches below.


Fai Morgan - July 2019

I would like to be head girl so I can make a change to the school, even though it's already AMAZING.  I would like to make bonding and learning more fun for all ages.

I want to help enable friendships throughout all year groups so no one is feeling alone.  I think a good idea would be to start at Year 6 playtime duty, this is where two Year 6 pupils are on duty at breaktime and if anyone needs advice or is feeling left out or upset they can go and have a chat with either one of the lovely pair (or both).  I would like to make pupils feel as safe and confident in themself as possible and also encourage younger pupils to follow the school rules - BIG (Believe, Inspire and Grow).

I think it's important to have a head girl / boy because without them younger children wouldn't have role models and great examples of who they should aim to be like when they grow their minds and bodies, have taken in so much inspiration, and are in Year 6.

I think I would make a good Head Girl because I am approachable, friendly, understanding and confident.  I feel that I would have the confidence to be able to put the opinion of all pupils across so everyone gets their change to be heard. I would love to be given the chance to represent our FANTASTIC school. 

In this fabulous school we have so many different ideas, I am interested in animals, nature and science and would like to help others share my passion by helping raise more money to advance the technology we have to then teach these things.

Please vote for me, as you definitely will not regret it if I become Head Girl because I will always respect and value you as individuals, and always be 100% dedicated to my role.

Again, please vote for me as I would absolutely love this chance and would be amazed if I could have it all, thanks to you.

THANK YOU FOR LISTENING I really appreciate it.


Morgan Gillett - July 2019

Hello fellow school mates,

I would like to outline why I would like to be the Head Boy of this fabulous and outstanding (Ofsted said so) school.  

I could make promises of asking for: a gaming room, longer play times, and a slime studio but you guys are all too outstanding to fall for this and it would be bribery.... so I will just tell you practice instead of theory.

I believe our school is the best in the county not just in Colchester.  It is like a tree, where the teachers are the roots helping us grow our minds, the pupils from Rose and Bloom to McGough are the branches and the leaves, whereas the head boy and head girl are the trunk supporting you all and also supporting the teachers.

Being Head Boy is not about being better than anyone else, it's about doing the best I can for everyone including listening to your ideas (not just my own) and carrying them out to the best of my ability, representing the school and upholding the 'outstanding' reputation.  Lots of decisions are made by teachers in this school but this is your chance to pick me to represent your voice if you don't want to say it yourself.

This school has done many 'outstanding' things for me and I genuinely want to give something back in my last year.

As the quote goes "I cannot make the days longer but I can strive to make them better".

Thank you for listening.