Eco Council

We are very proud to have an Eco Schools Green Flag Award here at Home Farm.  Our Eco Council meets regularly to consider ways of ensuring that our school makes good use of resources and to take forward plans and activities.  You can read our Green Flag action plan below.

In November 2018 we were very pleased to be awarded the Green Flag award for the third time.

About the Eco Council

The eco-council helps the school but making everyone aware of how we can save energy at Home Farm. We ask our class, what they would like to do to save energy and then when we meet, we put our ideas forward and discuss projects that we can do in the future.

So far we have asked for solar panels, which we have and they are saving us a lot of money. The results can be seen on the eco-council board by Mr Potter’s office.

We wanted compost bins in the garden area, so that we could compost the waste from the kitchen and these are now being used every day.

At Home Farm, we wanted to grow more in the garden and use this in our school lunches and on the salad bar. We pick our food from the garden that we can use in the kitchen and it is delicious.

Projects we would like to think about for the future are:

  • Having chickens – so that we can gather eggs to be used in our lunches at school.
  • Recycling as much as we can, even though we do a good job already.
  • Cutting down on the waste from lunch time.

If you have any ideas for the eco-council, please put them in the suggestion folder on the eco-council board.

Thank you

Our Eco Councillors for 2018-19