Governing Body

The Governing Body works with the school to ensure that it delivers good quality education.  The Governing Body sets the strategic direction for the school, acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher, and ensures accountability.  We have the following categories of Governor:

  • Local authority- who are appointed by Essex County Council;
  • Parent - who are elected by parents of children attending the school;
  • Co-opted - who are elected by the Governing Body;
  • Staff - who are elected by the staff members;
  • Associate - these are non-voting members who are appointed by the Governing Body. 

You can contact the Governing Body through the school office.  The members of Home Farm's Governing Body are listed below.

Annual governance statement

Our Governing Body publishes a statement each year to tell parents more about the work it has been doing over the previous year.  You can read our annual governance statement for 2018-19 below.


Governor pen portraits


Category and term of office


Pen portrait 

Marilyn Rivett

Local Authority Governor

2014 - 2018


Chair of Governing Body

Voting member of FAM / HR Committee and Pay Committee

Member of Headteacher Performance Management Panel

I have been Chair of Governors for the past two years and a Governor for 10 years. I enjoyed a long career in the NHS, firstly as an Occupational Therapist and then as a senior manager where I was responsible for many services and large groups of staff, both in hospital and in the community.  I was born and brought up in the Colchester area and apart from a 12 year ‘holiday' in Cornwall have lived here all my life and I now live within walking distance of Home Farm.  

Richard Potter


Ex officio

Voting member of FAM / HR Committee

Attends Pay Committee in advisory role 

I have been Headteacher at Home Farm Primary School since 2012. I have worked in and led in Infant, Junior and Primary schools across Essex. I work hard with the parents association, residents, pupils and governors to ensure that Home Farm continues to grow each year and never stand still in the drive to provide an amazing place for our children to learn.  Outside of school my interests range from being a musician in local bands, amateur drama and theatre and martial arts. I am a keen swimmer and promote healthy lifestyles in school.

Chris Ketley

Co-opted Governor



Voting member of FAM / HR Committee


My name is Chris Ketley.  I have been at Home Farm School for nine years and am currently a Learning Support Assistant in Class 1.  Prior to this, I was the manager of a local nursery and also spent 17 years in retail, ten of those in management.

Stephen Lefley

Co-opted Governor



Member of Headteacher Performance Management Panel

Chair of the FAM / HR Committee

I have been a Governor at Home Farm Primary School for about 17 years and was vice chair for 3 years. I enjoyed a long career in the IT and telecommunications industry as a senior manager and had responsibility for System Design & Development, Business Management and Forecast Modelling and was responsible for staff in UK, US, Germany and Netherlands.  I have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, 4 of my children have attended Home Farm Primary and have lived in the Colchester area 29 years

 Hugh Crayston

Parent Governor 2013 to 2017

Co-opted Governor 2017 to 2021


Chair and voting member of the Pay Committee I have lived in and around Colchester all my life, have two children at the School and I am employed in the commercial / residential property and agricultural industries.

Caroline Croydon

Parent Governor 2016 - 2020

Voting member of the FAM / HR Committee


Tracey Khan

Co-opted Governor




Dan Mansfield

Parent Governor



Voting member of FAM / HR Committee


I am a new parent governor at Home Farm Primary School, I have two daughters at the school, one in year 3 and one in reception.   I have lived in Colchester for just over 19 years and I work at a local engineering company as a design engineer.   I wanted to be a school governor as I felt I could offer my skills and time through the governing body to support the school and its pupils.  Outside of work I enjoy a bit of fishing and renovating our house. 

Martin Wilson

Parent Governor





Emily Hale

Co-opted Governor

2017- 2021

Voting member of Pay Committee

Kelly Wright

Parent Governor

2017 - 2021



Lorna Catmull

Parent Governor

2017 to 2021



Clare Palmer

Staff Governor

2017 - 2019

Voting member of FAM / HR Committee



Mary Smith

Associate Member


Non-voting member of FAM / HR Committee

My name is Mary Smith. I currently teach in Year 6 and am also the Deputy Headteacher at Home Farm Primary School. I have worked at this school since September 2008 and have been an associate member of the governing body for the last 4 years.   My current responsibilities include leading Teaching and Learning across the school and I am also responsible for English as a subject leader throughout the whole school.

 Vicky Carlin



Clerk to Governing Body, FAM / HR Committee and the Pay Committee.


Register of interests

All of our Governors and staff members with significant financial responsibility or influence complete an entry in our register of interests. Entries are updated annually or more often if there are changes to report.  A copy of our current register of interests can be accessed at the link below.

Home Farm Primary School Governing Body - register of pecuniary interests 


Minutes of full Governing Body meetings

In March 2015, the Governing Body took a decision to publish the minutes of its meetings, in order to ensure that it was transparent in the work it is doing and to increase its engagement with parents.  Some issues discussed by the Governing Body are confidential and these are recorded separately.  You can read minutes of full Governing Body meetings from the previous two academic years below.

Full Governing Body meeting - 12th September 2017

Full Governing Body meeting - 28th November 2017

Full Governing Body meeting - 9th January 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 27th March 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 1st May 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 26th June 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 11th September 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 27th November 2018

Full Governing Body meeting - 8th January 2019

Full Governing Body meeting - 26th March 2019

Full Governing Body meeting - 7th May 2019

Full Governing Body meeting - 4th June 2019


Governor visits to school

Governors make regular visits to school as part of their responsibility to monitor and evaluate progress. 

The areas that are the subject of visits are linked to the priorities set out in the School Development Plan. 

You can read reports of recent visits to school here.



Committee Structure

Our Governing Body meets as a full Governing Body each half-term, and also delegates some work to Committees.  The Committees are as follows:

  • The Finance, Asset Management and HR Committee.  Chair - Mr Stephen Lefley, elected September 2018
  • The Pay Committee.  Chair - Mr H Crayston, elected September 2018

Committees dealing with pay appeals, pupil discipline and staff discipline are convened as and when necessary.  You can find details of the terms of reference of our Committees below.

What to expect if you are interested in becoming a Governor

School governors are volunteers who work with the school to ensure it delivers a good quality education.  They are involved in decisions about all aspects of the school including running buildings and budgets, supporting staff, and agreeing school policies.  They also help to make decisions about the school’s long-term goals.  Governors support the Headteacher, but also ask questions and make sure that the Headteacher is taking the school in the right direction.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a child at the school can apply to be a school governor.  People who apply have to sign a form to say that they are not disqualified for any reason.  The school office can provide more information about the types of things that might disqualify someone from being a Governor.

The main things that you need to be a school governor are enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education.  It is also useful if you can bring skills from other areas of your life.  At Home Farm, we have a ‘buddy’ system in which more experienced Governors partner up with new Governors for a while to help them learn more about the role.

As a member of the Governing Body at Home Farm, you would need to attend a meeting of the full Governing Body for two hours every half-term. These are generally held after 6:00pm on a weekday evening.  You also need a bit of time before the meetings to read and digest the information you have been sent.  Some Governors are also members of other committees or working groups, which look at specific issues and meet from time to time for about an hour.  Those meetings are arranged at times to suit the Governors who are involved.

In between meetings, Governors carry out monitoring visits to school.  This might involve you coming in to school for about an hour during the school day to meet with staff or see something in action.  The frequency of this varies, but about once a term might be a good guide.  Governors are also welcome at other school events, but attendance is not compulsory.

If the school goes through any big changes in the way it is organised or run, the time commitment needed by Governors may increase a little.

If you would like to find out more about being a Governor, you can speak to one of the existing parent Governors or contact the Chair of the Governing Body through the school office or by emailing

If you work and you are interested in being a Governor, it is worth speaking to your employer first, as some employers offer time off for Governor duties.