Who's who              

Headteacher Mr R Potter                                                                   

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs G Havord

Teaching staff

Bloom (EYFS)

Mrs R Child and Mrs M Noble

Rosen (EYFS)

Miss J Knightsbridge

Donaldson (Year 1)

Miss M Cranstone

Seuss (Year 1)

Miss B Young

Duffy (Year 2)

Mrs C Palmer

Ahlberg (Year 2)

Miss H Darvill

Carroll (Year 3)

Miss M Lamb

Wilde (Year 3)

Mr D Manners

Lear (Year 4)

Mrs H Beale

Zephaniah (Year 4)

Mr T Lewis

Rossetti (Year 5)

Miss S Buttery

Hughes (Year 5)

Mrs C Arnold, Mrs K Prior

Kipling (Year 6)

Mrs S Bell

Recovery curriculum

Miss S Stock; Mrs J Simpson


Mrs E Marks


Miss L Johnson and Mrs A Crawley

Learning Support staff   


Mrs C Ketley

Mrs S Mathias

Mrs H Hartigan

Mrs J Gilby

Mrs L Humphreys

Mrs T Khan

Mrs R Hersey

Mr K Mooney

Miss A McGill

Mrs Z Procter

Miss K Penn Miss E Rose
Miss A Marks Miss S McMahon
Mrs K Wright
Mrs A Leppard  

Support staff


School Business Manager

Mrs V Carlin


Mr I Hollingsworth-Blake

Office assistants

Mrs E Few and Mrs H Skipp


Mrs H Howlett

Breakfast Club Coordinator

Mrs C Ketley

Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss A McGill, Mrs L Humphreys

After School Club Coordinator    

Mrs M Hollingsworth-Blake

After School Club Assistant Mr I Hollingsworth-Blake, Mrs A Leppard

Midday Assistants


Mrs H Hartigan

Mrs Z Procter

Mrs K Jackson

Mrs R Hersey

Mrs L Rawson Mrs A Bocking
Mrs K Wright

Mrs R Jackson

Mrs J Spooner Miss E Rose
Miss C French Mrs L Bishop


Catering staff


School Cook

Mrs T Revell

Assistant Cook

Mrs B Domoradzka

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs R Moffat

Kitchen Assistant