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Data from 2016 onwards is based on scaled scores.  Year 2 and 6 children sit tests, for which they get a ‘raw score’ (the number of marks). The Standards and Testing Agency then provide us with a formula to turn these into ‘scaled scores’ (that can change each year based upon how well the country does in each test).  If a child has a ‘score’ of 100 or more, they have achieved the national standard and if they are below it, then they are ‘working towards’ that standard. There is no performance data for 2020 and 2021 as there was no national testing due to the pandemic.


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Pre-2016 performance data

Prior to 2016, Years 2 and 6 were assessed in terms of curriculum levels.  You can see details of pre-2016 performance data below.

Key Stage 2

Proportion of pupils making expected progress

Early Years Foundation Stage data

You can find more information about school performance on the Department for Education school performance tables website.