Risk Assessment

You can see an overview of our risk assessment for the management of risks relating to Covid-19 here.  Please note that this is a working document and will develop and evolve over time. 

Remote Education Plan

Our remote education plan sets out details of our provision for remote learning, including our curriculum, teaching methods, online platforms and support for pupils and families.  You can download a copy of this below.

Recovery Plan

In 2020-21 Home Farm will receive additional Government funding of £26k to support 'catch-up' following missed provision between March 2020 and September 2020.

Our aim is to identify, support and accelerate the learning of pupils with disrupted access to school in 2019-20. All pupils, through focussed assessment of missing learning from 2019-20, will be supported to reach their age-related expectation.

All pupils experienced lockdown from March 2020 until June 2020, with Years 2-5 only returning for focussed teaching days in July. Throughout lockdown, interactive teaching lessons were set remotely, and pupils completed learning via film, writing, picture and completed sheets. Teachers and Learning Support Assistants provided daily feedback about learning using our online system. Over 6000 pieces of work were reviewed, marked and commented on each week during this process.

Following the return to school, some learning will have been missed; content not covered, skills forgotten, and standards lessened. Our recovery plan covers both the curriculum and the extra provision we will put in place to target certain extra learning to close the gaps of pupils who will have suffered due to lockdown. 


Risk Assessment (Sept 2021)

Outbreak Management Plan (Sept 2021)

Recovery Plan

Remote Education Plan

Last update: 2021-08-27