McGough Class (Year 6)


You can download a copy of McGough class homework here - Friday 17th May 2019

My Family and Other Animals

Inspired by our reading of My Family and Other Animals, we have been working on integrating dialogue into our writing.

Click on the thumbnails to see our work in more detail.

Tackling bullying

We were thinking about how we could devise posters for the rest of the school: informing other children how to tackle bullying and racism and how to play sensibly at break and lunch times.  You can see some of our posters below. 

Writing to Roger McGough

We wrote letters to our class poet, Roger McGough, and we were really pleased to received this response from him:

Kingswood Residential Visit - October 2018

Kingswood day 1 - We have had a great first day. The children have had a go at all the activities; putting a duvet cover on a duvet; abseilling and to end the night Giant Twister, who knew year 6 were so flexible! We are all really impressed with the enthusiasm the children have shown and look forward to another busy day tomorrow.

Kingswood day 2 - Day 2 is the first full day of activities, including bouldering, laser tag, team building games and bottle rockets, which involved a certain poor instructor getting very wet! The weather is fantastic and the children are all having a great time, even enthusiastic about cleaning their rooms!

Kingswood day 3 - The children had a great day yesterday and we are all ready for another full day today. They have been building models and climbing. We are all really impressed by the attitude of the children, willing to have a go even when they are a little nervous.

Kingswood more day 3 - Another full day of activities. Climbing, problem solving, team building and archery. The children have shown some excellent teamwork and fierce bingo skills!

Kingswood day 4 - The last full day of activities and even though the children are tired, they all still having fun and trying all the activities. We have filled our last full day with fencing, orienteering, drumming and Jacob's ladder. We are ending the day with movie night and an early night!!! (maybe).  See you all soon.

Kingswood day 5 - We have made it to day 5. The rooms have been cleared, socks have been found and souvenirs bought.  The children have spent the morning learning how to build fires and shelters out of natural materials, so they may be a little smokey when we return. They have been a great group, but are looking forward to seeing their families and pets. Farewell Kingswood 2018.

Miss Cooper


You can see some photos of our Kingswood visit here:

Welcome to Year 6

Year Six provides a challenging final year aimed to prepare the children for life at their chosen secondary schools. Expectations of the children are very high in all aspects of school life. They set the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and academic ability - for the rest of the school to follow.

The learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable across all areas of the curriculum. There are a wide range of teaching methods, balancing whole-class, group and individual activities to engage children in effective learning. Skills will be modelled, practised and mastered through different settings or applications. For example: grammar and spelling will be taught specifically and applied across all work; building up stamina and understanding of how to use strategies efficiently and accurately.

Year Six children are also given additional responsibilities throughout the year. For example:

 As Student Leaders – Year 6 pupils support the whole school by sharing Mini-Midday roles and they also run Play Leaders, helping younger children at lunchtimes by providing fun activities that include everyone.

  •  Supporting Reception children by acting as their ‘buddy’;
  •  Organizing activities for Reception class;
  •  Acting as Play Leaders during lunchtimes to provide great games for all children to join in with;
  •  By leading their Houses throughout the year and collecting House Points each week and supporting their peers during Sports Day.

Our residential visit to Kingswood will provide opportunities for team building, fostering independence and offering them ways in which to manage risk and to solve challenges within a secure environment.

How you can help your child:

In Year 6 children should be reading daily. To support their understanding further you should be challenging your child in a variety of ways:

  • Give a synonym of a particular word;
  • Check the meaning of some words;
  • Find an antonym of a word.

Year 6 are being challenged to read a range of genres over the year to widen their reading choices. Your child is expected to write meaningful comments about their reading each week in their Reading Record Book. This could include the main characters, what has engaged them in the text so far, what they haven’t liked and why, or identifying an expanded noun phrase, use of brackets etc. Finally they could compare their current book to previous books read.

Support given for homework:

 Help your child to organise themselves by encouraging responsibility and independence [i.e. they need to do the homework, not you!];

 Continue to practise times tables – linking this to division questions;

 Know their square numbers and recognise them quickly;

 Know the first ten prime numbers and recognise them;

 Practise tricky spellings in a variety of ways to embed these words permanently.

The Autumn Term focus is on Science: Classification of plants and animals. We will be looking at how to sort and describe species using a branching data key; we will be investigating the life of Carl Linnaeus; carrying out a range of experiments; investigating the power of microbes and their role in our lives; we will be creating our own Herbarium and sketching flora and linking some classic poetry to the natural world around us.

The Spring Term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks. The Topic will focus on comparing the lives of Ancient Greeks with our lives today and also we will be looking at the birth of democracy and its resonance in modern society. 

The Summer Term is our Tour de France Topic. This will link across all areas of the curriculum and involves the children working in different groups, supporting each other in areas of interest and research. The Topic also has a ‘Bike to School Week’ which gives practical lessons a new twist!

Crucial Crew will be running again – as an online set of activities: this offers plenty of discussions around life skills and transition activities to support the move to secondary school.


Thank you for your continuing support.


Mrs Smith