Welcome to Class 4


Download a copy of Class 4 homework here - 15th March 2018

Science - September 2017

We are learning about different states and how they change (melting, condensation, freezing, evaporating).  We carried out an experiment to find out how long it takes for ice to melt.  


International learning

Freya went to Finland recently and found out more about life in Finnish schools.  You can see her report below.

Welcome to Class 4!

Our teacher is Miss Alexander and our learning Support Assistants are Mrs Khan, Mrs Hartill and Miss Blunt.

In Year 4 the children are encouraged to become more independent in their learning cross-curricular, whilst developing their previously learnt skills as well as embedding new skills and knowledge.

The curriculum is taught with a variety of methods and with opportunities for the children to work in different groups, pairs or individually.

Learning in Year 4

During the year we will be learning about a wide range of topics such as:

  • Autumn term (first half): ‘Exciting Explorers.’ The focus will be History and Geography where the children will be learning about Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Scots. In English the children will be writing an adventure story containing historical characters and events.
  • Autumn term (second half) ‘Light It Up’.  The learning focus for this half term will be electricity together with developing DT skills and knowledge. The children will be writing instructions for their DT creation and Cinquain poems about light.
  • Spring term: ‘Living in other Countries’ The children will be learning about contrasting cultures, with a focus of life in India.  They will be writing letters,  their own play and diary.
  • Summer term: ‘Feed the World’  We will be learning about countries across the world, their cultures and environmental issues within them, as well as the production of food; including farming, local produce, traditional dishes and famine as well as looking at charitable organisations who fund raise and support.  We will also visit Tesco, where the children will be involved in a ‘Farm to Fork’ learning experience about sustainability.

Supporting your child’s learning at home

At home you can continue to support your child by:

  • Sharing the enjoyment of reading through daily reading opportunities, discussing the text, features, characters and identifying similarities between books previously read, whilst also developing comprehension skills through questioning and explanation of unfamiliar words.
  • Regularly practise times tables – both multiplication and divisional facts through games, verbal recall in any order and online resources such as Mathletics.

Year 4 Homework

Homework is set once a week on Thursdays - please complete by Wednesday each week.  The creative homework tasks are set half termly and completion dates for those are given when set.

We will be having a double lesson of PE on Thursday afternoons, so please ensure your child has both indoor and outdoor kit available in school on Thursdays, and remove earrings before coming to school, if your child wears earrings and is unable to remove them independently.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Miss Alexander